Do you desire to know if you are being lied to?

Is it convenient to buy the lie that you are being told? Would you rather live a lie than know what is true?

Knowing what is true can be very inconvenient. Because if you are brutally honest with you, there is no way to hide, and you might have to change the way you are in the world.

For example, would you like to know how the animals you are eating are being handled and killed, or would you rather not know, so you can keep eating meat the way you are? Is it too hard to change your shopping habits to honor the animal?

If you are avoiding the truth, are you truly free? Or are you captive in your habits, your conclusions, and what you have deemed convenient?

Would you like to choose greater, or keep buying the lies? It is just a choice. You can explore this topic with me in this next call if you dare.

October 26t, 10am CDT
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