Are you willing to be your guru?

Do you trust you and what you know? Or are you looking to get acknowledgment from outside of you?

Being a guru means being a spiritual teacher in some religions. People who have exceptional knowledge are also called gurus, and we also use it for people looking for followers of their philosophical beliefs.

But what does it mean to be the guru of your life?

How much success are you avoiding by not being willing to be seen as the guru? Are you resisting being made the guru with every pore of your body?

What if you were willing to see you as the source and potency and started following you?


April 23, 6pm CDT
Your local time

What you will receive:

 - a 1 hour call with Suzy

- a pdf & mp3 of the clearings

 - video & mp3 recordings


What can you and your body generate that would create something different on this planet?

~ Suzy Godsey

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