What’s right about this?
Have you become your worst critic, judging yourself constantly throughout the day for getting things wrong? Perhaps you spoke hastily to your child and judged yourself as being unkind. Or you made a small mistake in your work that you magnified out of all proportion.

Take a look at Nature, is a hurricane wrong? Or a drought?

The earth functions to a different rhythm of creation that spans millennia. All creatures are aware of what is coming in the future and they prepare themselves to deal with it. In lean times, animals will have fewer babies. If a tsunami or a flood is coming, they will move to higher ground.

What if we could function more like Nature?

Join the amazing Suzy Godsey on 23 June 2021 as she explores the concept of right and wrong and shows you ways to get free.

Rather than getting mired in recrimination, receive some pragmatic tools that will help you to get off the well-worn track of self-judgment.

Imagine going through an entire day without making yourself wrong but rather being open to the infinite possibilities that are truly available to choose from. You would be much happier and so would the planet!


June 23, 6pm CDT
Your local time

What you will receive:

 - a 1 hour call with Suzy

- a pdf & mp3 of the clearings

 - video & mp3 recordings


What can you and your body generate that would create something different on this planet?

~ Suzy Godsey

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