Thank you so much for your registration and interest in Budapest’s ESSE for Bodies class.

Due to big changes in the Access Schedule, I am moving this class to May 20th-22nd! I am very excited to be coming sooner, and I hope that these dates work for you too! The venue is the same, and if you require any assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the wonderful hosts!

I am very happy about this class and cannot wait!

See you soon!
Travel - Accomodations - Restaurants

Find more information on payment options, travelling, the venue, nearby accommodations, restaurants and more here: (Magyar)

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Contact our amazing host:
Judit Rudolph

If you are looking for...
  • a roommate
  • more info about the event
  • someone to have lunch or dinner with during class days or someone to exchange with after class

Feel free to post in the Telegram Group:

ESSE deconstructs the glue of judgement throughout the body.
Did you know that the fascial system responds to a question?
With the ESSE energy work, you will change things you didn't even know you can change
ESSE is designed to create changes in the structure and form of the body resulting in an ease with movement, function and the energetic body systems?
All the connective fascial tissue of the body from the cellular level to the major body systems can be affected by this hands-on and energetic method of manual therapy.
"What do you know about bodies that you have yet to discover?
What if you knew that your touch will change something or someone? What if you knew that if you put your attention on something you already contribute to it changing? It’s not so much about what you do, but what you be in the world.  What if you really could truly have a totally new way of being with your body?"
- Suzy Godsey

What if learning to communicate with all things is the key to a greater life?

I invite you to the tools of Access Consciousness® and the miracles of nature so you can finally create what you always knew was possible.

Suzy Godsey
Founder of ESSE (Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment)
Are you ready for un-explainable change?

The change never shows up how you think it will... all of the sudden, bam! Something is different and greater.

"For me the ESSE classes have been a true adventure. Every time I attend a class, more limitations and solidity melt away. Not only does my body enjoy it, it also opens up a space
for me to be more of ME. Giving ESSE sessions to other people or animals is an amazing way to explore your awareness and healing capacities."

~ N.K

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