Are you interested in fine-tuning your ability to perceive energetic communication?
The Access ‘Talk to the Animals Class’ is not just for communicating with animals more efficiently. It also allows you to have more awareness of your two-leggeds.

This upcoming adventure will be in English and translated into Turkish, and for you to have a taste of what this class can do for you, I am gifting you the introduction on Jan 27th. (your time in the world)
(ZOOM instructions are below)

If you join me for the whole class (four three-hour segments after the intro), I will subtract the intro price for you, and there is also country pricing for Turkey. Please use coupon code TTTA75 when purchasing the whole class! I am looking forward to seeing you in our ZOOM intro. Join the full class here


ZOOM Information

Recordings will be uploaded here.

Class Date & Times:

January 27, 6pm- 8pm CET

Your local time

Password: 9797
Meeting ID: 879 9041 8348

Password : 9797
Meeting ID : 889 7106 0421