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What if you were actually comfortable with how awesome you are?

With your abundant energy, with your awareness, with your being different?

Do you have the balls to Fucking OWN IT?!?

This incredible telecall starts soon!!

September 6, 7pm CEST
What does it mean to "OWN IT"?

All choices create awareness.....  including the "good & bad" choices

Owning it is the strength of being who you are, and inviting others to be & do the same.......
no justifying, no excuses, no doubt!
What if you could truly OWN IT?

Your choices, your greatness, your very being?

How much change could you create in the world?

And what if you could be an inspiration for everyone else, just by being you?
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Sept 6th, 2023
7pm CEST (your local time)

Online via Zoom

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  • 1 x 90 minute call with Suzy & Francesca
  • recordings the call
  • clearings from the call


Suzy Godsey & Francesca Fiorentini

Suzy & Francesca are both Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitators and travel the world facilitating people from all walks of life to know that they know, that they have choice, and that they are not as messed up as they think they are.

Suzy has a huge capacity to perceive the subtle nuances of energy, especially in nature, and loves playing with them to create magic.

Francesca is a virtuoso of magnitude with an elegant sense of infinite possibilities.

Together they invite you to embrace the potency of your Being and walk through the world without fear, favor or apology.

What could your life and our business be like, if you were willing to embrace creating and taking action from a space of elegance and ease?

~ Francesca