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Is your financial reality where
you would like it to be?

Is money fun and light for you?

Starts Jan 2nd, 2024

The 'Advanced How to Become Money Workbook' is one of the money tools in Access Consciousness for changing your reality with money.

Get started $275
To participate, please purchase the Advanced How to Become Money Workbook!

Gary Douglas recommends doing this workbook over and over to change your financial reality. You can either start or continue the journey here. The recordings will give you the chance to do it again as many times as you like. Often we stop when it gets hard or boring, when that could be the exact moment before you break through to a greater possibility.
Ease with Money
Is money an issue for you? Do you have wealth, or could there be way more?
9 Days of Change
If you could change your financial reality by looking at the points of view you have about money, would you choose to?
BE the energy of MONEY
What if you could BE money? BE the energy that creates, generates and produces money?
Imagine Suzy adding the component of receiving from animals and nature. 

Are you allowing animals to add to your money flows? Are you letting Earth contribute to your life? 
If you never had to have a money problem again, what financial reality could you choose?

9 Days:
Jan 2nd, 6th, 8th, 19th, 22nd, 27th, 29th
Feb 5th, 12th
10am MST

What people said about previous calls with Suzy:
The money workbook did so much for me. I am so grateful to have chosen this. Suzy always responded to our questions, feelings, thoughts and even blockages. And she was very meticulous about it. A lot of blockages that have been blocking me for a long time have come to light.
I'm already looking forward to the next course and I'm excited to see what will happen next ~ M.

This series is beyond anything I imagined possible! I am so grateful for everything that Suzy Godsey is inviting us to!! ~ L.G