Ask and you shall receive is one of the truths of living on planet earth. It seems so simple and yet, if you’re fiercely independent, asking for what you desire might not be so easy. You’ve probably spent years proving to others how capable you are. Allowing things to just flow to you is new ground. Hopefully, these steps will begin the process of receiving with ease.

#1 Ask for advice, not money
Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness always says that if you want money, ask for advice. Imagine you are about to start a new initiative or have an idea for a great business. You go to a wealthy relative and tell them about it. If you desire money, ask them for advice.
‘How do you think I should do this? I really want to start this business. Can you please give me advice about how to start a business?’ Ask questions and there is a chance they will offer to invest in it.
However, if you ask them for money directly, they will advise you to get a loan. They will not give you money. This is how the world works; try it and see for yourself.

#2 Asking isn’t a weakness
Sometimes we think it’s weak to ask for contribution or else we’ve been rejected in the past and decided it wasn’t fun. When I was a kid, I once asked my godfather to help me assemble a model plane. ‘Who do you think you are?’ he said.
We’ve all been called ‘greedy’ at some stage or judged as asking for too much. If this resonates, please destroy and uncreate all your decisions about what it means to ask for anything.
Asking opens the door to receiving. By your request, you’re saying, what are the possibilities for this? Not from need or necessity, but rather from the space of peace and possibilities. Notice how that’s a different energy?

#3 Be playful
When you make a request from the universe, it does everything it can to support you. I’ve discovered that being playful with a request is almost irresistible.
Look at all the things you asked for in the past and received with ease. Were you motivated by desperation? Or did you know it was possible to receive something so you said, ‘Universe, please, I would actually like this to come to fruition?’ And it showed up unexpectedly.

#4 Demand of yourself, not the universe
In terms of asking the universe for money, I’ve seen people become rather demanding. ‘Give me money, universe! Why aren’t you giving me money?’ Then they complain the tools don’t work. It doesn’t work because it wasn’t a request. They concluded they deserved money and demanded it.
You cannot make demands of the universe. Be playful. ‘More money, please! Now? Later? Universe,
please show me.’ Your joy will get you further than coming from the place of,
‘I’m entitled to this and I’m getting it.’
There is only one person you can make demands of. Yourself. Choose to do whatever it takes to achieve your aims and don’t wait for others.

#5 Take action
We’re not yet capable of snapping our fingers and having what we desire show up magically. Money, for one, comes from our actions. If you ask for more cash and then see a certain job advertised or a friend recommends something to you, that is the universe responding to your request. Do you receive it or refuse it because it didn’t match your expectations? I encourage you to ask more questions and gain clarity on receiving what you’re asking for.

#6 Avoid Groundhog Day
The other side of the coin is noticing when things show up in your life that you don’t enjoy. If you’re honest, you will recognize that somewhere you’ve been asking for it also. That’s the moment to request more awareness. ‘Universe, can I know what keeps creating this because it isn’t working for me.’ From that new awareness, you can make fresh choices. That’s how we create a greater future.

#7 Love results?
After Valentine’s Day, some people out there might be asking for a new relationship. But, if their underlying point of view is that they’re going to be disappointed, that is no longer a request. If you expect to see someone across a crowded room and fall in love, and that doesn’t happen, you’ll most certainly be disappointed.
Relax. The moment you get vested in an outcome it’s no longer a request. You’re trying to force something into existence, rather than choosing what is possible.
What future would you like to create? With relationships, money flows, career, and your life? Keep playing with this tool, having fun, and strengthening your receiving muscles!

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