Ever since I was a little kid I always had major issues with people’s birthdays and what to get for them. So by the day the birthday came along I would have no present and I would try to ignore the fact that I had been fretting over it for weeks and try to pretend that I had forgotten about their birthday. What got created with that was always a lot of dis-harmony in my life and theirs. They thought I did not care about them, which actually was not correct, but certainly was getting across like that, and I always felt terrible and in a place where I could not let them know that I cared for them. What always makes it so hard for me to get a present for them? What energies create this stupidity?

In a way I have done the same thing with Thanksgiving, although I like the Holiday and there are many people in my life that I am grateful for and that I would like to let know that I have gratitude for them. But with ignoring the Holiday by not knowing what nice things I could say, or express what is going on for me, what am I creating? Am I creating more or less space in the other people’s lives?

So now I am looking at a different possibility. Instead of pretending this Holiday did not exist, or that I did not think of you, or that I am not grateful, I am choosing to do something different this time. I am choosing to tell you how grateful I am, even if it is days after the Holiday and even if it sounds like a crazy thing to do!

Because I am actually very grateful for all of you that are choosing to stay in touch with me, read the things I put out there and come on my calls and to my classes! How did I get to be so lucky to have you in my life? And the gratitude I have for you choosing to play with me in the field of nature and the animals is immense. Are you interested in changing the world? Do you know that very time you choose to change something in your life and you stop judgement you are changing 350,000 other people that are locked up with the same thing? So if me choosing to change this actually changes 350,000 others that have the same issue, then it makes it even more fun to do so!

So Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Gratitude for all the animals that have been contributing to my life, my friends, my family, you! Thank you for being here, for your support, your comments your contribution! What else is possible? Suzy