Animals do not enjoy it when we are not being ourselves. When we get stuck in the drama and trauma of life, our pets will do their best to shake us out of it. They might offer their kind support, or they might choose more drastic measures. You might have to deal with a bucking horse, you might have to deal with a obstreperous dog, or a scratching cat.


When confronted with that, instead of looking at what might be wrong with them, ask:
Am I being myself?

Am I the peace and space I could be?

When we are truly functioning as us, we have a sense of peace and joy and exuberance of life and living.

So how do you become more of you again?
Expand out in all directions.

Ask ‘who does this belong to?’ for every thought feeling and emotion that passes through and return them 
to sender. 

Keep expanding and after only a few minutes of that, you will have a different sense about you and the world!

Your animals will love that! And you!