The joy of being on a horse is being able to look around and enjoy yourself while being present with everything around you.
Conscious Horse Conscious Rider gives you the tools to be a better rider. These natural horsemanship techniques and tools also improve the ability of your horse to move and use its body.
Horses are conscious beings. They will take care of you if you ask them to. When you are relaxed on the horse’s back and ride them from your head, while following the cues from their body, it is ease.
However, if you ride a horse from the idea of wrongness, you will have a rough ride.
No one wants an uncomfortable ride, so where does this wrongness come from? Often, it is because of points of view that you’ve picked up and made yours, whether from a trainer, your parents, friends that watched you around horses, or people you decided know more about horses than you do.

That’s just what a stallion does
During the 7-Day Access Consciousness event at the Lazy Double D Ranch in Houston, Texas, Dr Dain Heer had an epiphany while out horseback riding, which he later shared with the class.
Dain was on his horse Gitano, a phenomenal creature with a tendency to act in the weirdest of ways. On this particular ride, the horse’s behavior was frantic, there was no relaxation in his world. So, Dain got off and rode another horse, a kind and potent stallion.
As they went riding by some mares, the stallion started to act up and Dain was having trouble getting him to do what he wanted.
That’s when ranch manager Cody, offered a different perspective―Dain was not wrong. Stallions get amped up when they are around mares in heat. They like to be in the lead and get there first―especially with the mares! This is just what a stallion does.
This was a watershed moment for Dain as he realized that for 20 years he had been making himself wrong for everything he did on a horse.
Dain learned to ride from people who weren’t empowering. Their horse training method consisted of pointing out everything he did wrong. Ever since, Dain tuned into that wrongness every time he went horse riding. His horses were picking up on this energy and getting frantic.

Life lessons from the horses
When did you first learn that you were wrong? From whom did you learn it?
There is something called structural cohesion, which is the appropriate way you are supposed to live. It keeps you constantly looking for an outside source as the authority in your life. Since you feel inherently wrong for everything, you are constantly looking for what you must fix. There is little or no space to choose freely.
Interestingly, the next time Dain went horse riding on Gitano everything was completely different. There was a deep sense of connection between them that previously only lasted briefly. Whatever he asked of the horse, was delivered. Even sitting still.
“For 20 f**king years I’ve been trying to get a horse to sit still!” he told the class.How to bond with your horse
Conscious riding is about requesting, in a clear way, what you would like of your horse.
When riding a horse, you shouldn’t be using their mouth very often. But, if the horse is not being present or following your lead, remind them that you are there and get them to reconnect to you.
First ask for what you desire with your body, if that does not get a change, ask again and the third time, really mean it. Put the teeth in your threat. Not from a sense that they are wrong and you need to correct them. More as a reminder, ‘Hey, I’m here, you have to connect with me, okay?’
Rather than using force consider how you can outsmart your horse. Some horses may respond if you’re a little forceful. With other horses you will get nowhere with force. They will fight you very hard. So what else could you use? Ask questions in those situations, but if you decide you are wrong then you’re done for. The same applies to life.

The beauty of possibility
Since most people haven’t been educated by their parents in how to ‘ride’ the horse called life, here’s how it goes.
As long as you’re looking for what is wrong or what you need to fix, you’re not riding life. You’re being pushed around by it.
As long as you’re looking for where you are wrong, you cannot receive the gifts that are right in front of you. Whether it’s animals or people, your capacities and your creations.
The tools of Conscious Horse Conscious Rider are simple, practical and designed for eliminating as much limitation as possible with as much ease as possible!
It’s about empowering you to know that you are the source for creating a different kind of connection, a different kind of communion and a different kind of possibility for you and your horse.
If you lived from possibility, instead of right or wrong, you would never have anything to fix. You would only have things to choose.Curious about Conscious Horse Conscious Rider? This equine workshop is for anyone desiring to have a deeper connection to horses, which can lead to being a better rider, handling horses with more ease, having a better performance and the ability to be close to and understand horses. It is open to a wide range of people from anyone having fear of being next to a horse to those with Olympic riding skills.
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