gary_safariWOW, I just came from a whole month that was a dedication to the animals and the planet and now I will embark on a Safari in Botswana. How does it get any better than this? I am sitting at the resort where we will be having the 7 day with Gary Douglas and this morning he was revealing some of the things he was going to be talking about, and it got me all excited. How did I get to be so lucky to have found Access and truly transform my life?

So, I asked my friend today what she would like to know about animals, and it truly struck me. She was concerned what animals would be thinking about her. She had just recently started riding lessons and she was wondering if the horse would prefer another rider over her, or if the horse thought that she was a bad rider. Now, I had the privilege to go riding with her at another point, and I know that she not only is a great rider, but also is very kind and caring.

So for her to ask that question really blew me away. I start getting that the people that ask these questions really are the ones that should not be concerned. It is the one’s that do not even have those questions in their universe when they are on a horse that would benefit from asking.

Now, to actually look at her question and tune into the horse at the time of questioning, I would have to say that the horse does not even concern himself with that. He is really more in the moment and asking what it is that the rider desires, being in the question of the creation that is occurring moment by moment.

suzygodsey_tune_into_horseThe horse never looks at you as a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ rider. He would only notice when you are giving a cue and the response he gave was not appreciated, which would put him in the question. And of course often horses will also let us know when we are not cueing them and they teach us how to cue them ‘properly’. That is the fun of being on a horse.

So for you my friend and ,for all of you that have the same concern as her, please know that you can have much more fun and a much deeper connection to the horse you are with if you stop judging yourself. Know that the horse essentially has your back and desires for you to be more, always! It may not always look the way you imagine it should, but that is the basic point of view the horses have.

If you have been sitting on horses before and never have asked yourself these questions, maybe now is the time to have a new possibility with animals? What if you looked at the ‘methods’ you have been using and asked if there was something that could be greater? Is there something the animals have been communication to you that you have not been willing to hear? What else is possible?

As always, thank you for reading and being part of my life! I appreciate you!