Every time I go to the supermarket I wonder what happens with all the food on the shelves that is not being bought? I recall when I was younger going to the store wanting to buy something fresh and the store being out of it; today that seems like an unacceptable reality.

We live in a time where we expect to get what we desire almost instantly. Stores make the demand to suppliers to have product available all the time. If you cannot guarantee that as a supplier you will be replaced by the one who can.


There is a huge amount of perishable goods that gets wasted on a daily basis. Certain laws even forbid that the food could be used as give-away.

                          What impact does all of that have on the Earth?

We require to produce more than we are able to consume. And that does not just apply to the fruits and vegetables, it also applies to the meat we are harvesting from the animals. Our ‘products’ have to be growing as fast as possible with the least amount of blemishes, in the most efficient way. For that we apply more and more chemicals.

We fertilize, kill weeds, feed hormones and even genetically modify our foods to get more out of them. How long before this system collapses?

                          Can the Earth sustain us with all of these needs?