Besides facilitating in person classes as well as Tele Calls there is also the option to have one on one time on the phone with me.

We can change a lot in a very short period of time. The session can be quick, with ‘homework’ and a follow up session. I charge by the minute, and your first 7 minutes are always free. Your session can be recorded, so you can always listen again.

Often the change required is easier than you think. The tools given here are easy to apply and can have enormous results.

Your animal does not have to be with you to have a session, and it can be rewarding to have them there.
For available times in your timezone, session details and pricing, please click below.

I am looking forward to our session!

What people are saying:
I’ve had some sweet shifts between my dog, Java, and I. I think the most noticeable is the sharing of energy. When I ask about going for a walk, I now ask if she’d like to go for a walk together. We’ve also made an agreement that neither one of us is going to pull on the leash – that part of being together is about give and take. It’s been really, really sweet. This morning I used the destroy and uncreate around nail trimming (in the moment of beginning it) and it helped. I’ve worked with her energy field and have done a lot of work on ME. : )
I appreciate your skills and enjoy your energy. Sage

After the session I saw an immediate shift. My change created my cats being able to be close to each other without conflict. Izzy started eating slower and enjoying her food more. Her digestion is better. I know now what is required to have her be happier and with that we all are happy! Thank you, Annick

My connection to my horse Sam has shifted completely since the session. Now I feel like I connect with him even when I am not there in the saddle. Changing the perception others had of him got me to have the best ride on him ever. We both had so much fun and he was so much more present with me and loving. Thank you so much, I am so happy about the success we are having. Franziska