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ESSE Essence at
The Lazy Double D Ranch!

What is the essence of what you know

about bodies? 

What is the essence of what you can be?
Do you have a capacity with bodies
that you have not yet acknowledged?

Class Dates:
Nov 18 - 21, 2023
9:30am - 2pm

In ESSE Essence, you are really stepping into the energy ESSE is and creating with it in a different way. Being able to speak to the body with that energy and listening to what the body is actually asking for is the target of this 4 day class.

What if this is about what you be with the body regardless of where, or how you are touching? And what if no matter where you are touching the body it changes the totality of the body? Dain said that ESSE massages the ESC, the energy of communion into your structure, where it has never existed before in all of reality?

**Please note this class has pre-requisites.**

ESSE for Bodies or Horses OR ESSE Extravaganza
AND COP (Choice of Possibilities)
AND an Access Consciousness 3 Day Body Class

Lazy Double D Ranch

4571 Bleiblerville Road Bleiblerville, TX 78931

For information on accommodations, Texas and travel, please find the class pdf here

If you are looking for...
  • a roommate
  • more info about the event
  • someone to exchange with after class
  • someone to have lunch or dinner with during class days
  • to share pictures from the event

Feel free to post in the Telegram group:
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Do you require to connect with our host?

Diana Weinfurtová