Conscious Horse
Conscious Rider
The class for horse lovers and everyone who would like
more connection with horses.


Suzy Godsey

Diana Weinfurtová

March 20 & 21, 2024
La Bisa Centro Equestre
Trecenta, IT
Are you looking for a different possibility?

The Conscious Horse Conscious Rider tools empower you to explore new horizons with horses, leadership, life, and living.
These equine classes are tailored to each participant’s unique needs. What are YOU looking to change?

As you become more conscious of what you think and speak, you create a different reality for yourself and horses.

All are welcome to experience this transformative class! Experienced riders, aspiring leaders, beginners, or those seeking to overcome their fear of horses.

"There is no single method or concept when working with a horse. It has to come from awareness and mutual respect."
~ Suzy Godsey

Having a deeper connection with horses can lead to:

being a better rider
Discover unique perspectives on communication, leadership, relationships with horses, riding skills and much more. 
handling horses with more ease
Receive pragmatic tools and practise hands-on techniques with horses, which is an amazing experience because the horses are willing to receive from us!
better performance
Horses show us many different things about ourselves and the way we function with others, including behavior patterns so subtle and nuanced that we overlook them. 

March 20 & 21, 2024

La Bisa Centro Equestre
Trecenta RO, Italy
Via Tenuta Spalletti, 45027 Trecenta RO, Italy. Google maps
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What can we receive from the horses?
Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider is THE class for horse lovers and everyone who would like more connection with horses. International horse medium and author Gary Douglas has trained facilitators to give this fascinating equine workshop.

Both horse and rider are being worked on which has facilitated remarkable change in many areas.

Develop a deeper connection with the animals, the ability to talk to, and hear them, and to facilitate a different possibility.
 Do I need my own horse? 
Nope! The venue has an amazing group of animals to play with during class .
What do I need to know about Trecenta? 
You can find more information on the venue and surrounding area in our travel guide coming soon.

Is this class offered online? 
CHCR classes are only offered in-person.

To read more about CHCR classes, check out the Access Consciousness website.
 What will this class create for me? 
Whether you are an experienced rider or afraid to touch a horse, this class offers the possibility to create a connection and understanding of and with horses like no other. The tools of Access Consciousness offer the possibility of removing any areas where you might be stuck. After this class, people often accelerate, and more than once, people afraid of horses have become horse owners, great riders, and even trainers.

Pre- reqs & How Do I Register? 

Class pre-requisites:
The 2-day CHCR class is open to everyone who would like more connection with horses.

Click here to register on the Access website

You can also pre-pay in advanced here to secure your spot!

Still have questions?
What can the horses contribute to your life?

What if you really could truly have a totally new way of being with your body & horses?