This is what you are currently supporting too!

This Project gives us the possibility to protect and plant trees in beautiful 'El Lugar' in Costa Rica. Trees are a huge contribution as the planet's lungs!

Current Contribution: Ranger Sponsorship (December 2021)

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah has been a great contribution to creating no-kill shelter systems around the USA and the world. Their mission to make the USA a no-kill community by 2025.

They have great ideas and concepts and are an inspiration to a different possibility with the shelter system.
Current Contributions: 50 USD/ month

Lori Robinson loves Africa and all the animals there. She keeps looking at conservation in a different way and supports projects locally.

You can also go on exclusives Safaris with her.

Current Contribution: Through Amazon purchases.

Many cats without homes are too shy to be fit for indoor living. In most shelters they are euthanized on intake. Alley Cat Allies have ideas and are active with cat colonies and the spay/neuter programs.
Current Contributions: 90 USD/ year

Locally active in Santa Barbara and California raising awareness about caring for our pets. Spay/ Neuter clinics and many school programs. Since I used to live there, I had a chance to meet Isabelle personally. She and the other team members work tirelessly to create awareness.

Current Contributions: 80 USD / month

Support of Wildlife, in particular wolves! Defenders has some great ways to assist people and wildlife, to create a sustainable future for all.

Current Contributions:
75 USD / year

A private organization cleaning the oceans from plastic. People are paid to fish plastic out of the water. All trash is recycled.

Current Contributions: 22 USD / month