Conversations With Dog

​​​​​​​Charlie, host and pitbull terrier mix, presents totally different ideas about life, living and how a dog sees the world. Suzy Godsey, loyal sidekick and Access Consciousness facilitator, gives these ideas a voice and adds her own. This is how most of the audios below have been created! Charlie and Suzy present tools, laughter and definitely different ways to deal with dogs, animals, people and difficult topics!
Death & Our Pets & How to Create more Ease during those times
What if you could have more ease
with all aspects of your pet's transition?

Please find some tips and tools below to create less worry for you and your pet and some radio shows on the right from the pet's perspective. There are many ways to have less anxiety for you and them ~ these tools are here to assist you! 
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Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment
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