ESSE Essence at the
Lazy Double D Ranch!

Do you have a capacity with bodies that you have not yet acknowledged?

ESSE Essence invites you to fully be ESSE, not as something separate from you or what you are doing to the body, but an energy that is part of you.

In ESSE Bodies or Horse, we invite you to acknowledge that you are listening to the body. Now that you are listening, come find out what else is possible! What are the bodies truly capable of and asking for?

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Class Dates:
Nov 18 - 21, 2023
9:30am - 2pm
**Please note this class has pre-requisites:
ESSE for Bodies or Horses OR ESSE Extravaganza
AND COP (Choice of Possibilities)
AND an Access Consciousness 3 Day Body Class
In ESSE Essence, you are really stepping into the energy ESSE is and creating with it in a different way. Being able to speak to the body with that energy and listening to what the body is actually asking for is the target of this 4 day class.

What if this is about what you be with the body regardless of where, or how you are touching? And what if no matter where you are touching the body it changes the totality of the body? Dain said that ESSE massages the ESC, the energy of communion into your structure, where it has never existed before in all of reality?

Lazy Double D Ranch
4571 Bleiblerville Road
Bleiblerville, TX 78931

For information on accommodations, Texas and travel, please find the class pdf here

If you are looking for...
  • a roommate
  • more info about the event
  • someone to have lunch or dinner with during class days or someone to exchange with after class

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Contact our amazing host:
Diana Weinfurtová:
Your Facilitators:
Suzy Godsey & Dr. Andrew Gardella
"What do you know about bodies that you have yet to discover?
What if you knew that your touch will change something or someone? What if you knew that if you put your attention on something you already contribute to it changing? It’s not so much about what you do, but what you be in the world.  What if you really could truly have a totally new way of being with your body?"
- Suzy Godsey

When you touch a body, your body and that person’s body make a connection. All of a sudden, you’re communicating molecularly. So, there’s a conversation going on.

Suddenly, there’s a possibility to create a lot of space where there wasn’t space before by asking the body to create that.

What if we could create something different on this planet with our bodies?
Are you ready for un-explainable change?

The change never shows up how you think it will... all of the sudden, bam! Something is different and greater.

"For me the ESSE classes have been a true adventure. Every time I attend a class, more limitations and solidity melt away. Not only does my body enjoy it, it also opens up a space
for me to be more of ME. Giving ESSE sessions to other people or animals is an amazing way to explore your awareness and healing capacities."

~ N.K

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