ESSE Extravaganza is coming to
The Lazy Double D Ranch!
Do you have a capacity with bodies
that you have not yet acknowledged?
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April 25 - 28, 2024
9:30am - 2pm

“ESSE undoes the glue of judgement that keeps limitations in existence
and bodies in pain.”
Gary Douglas
 You don’t have to be a bodywork expert to play with this particular energy. 

ESSE is a different form of bodywork in a sense that it is adding movement to the energy that the body is asking for.

What has become quite obvious to me is that it's the engagement with the elementals.

ESSE Extravaganza is the combination of ESSE Bodies and ESSE Horse - putting these two classes together into a 4-day adventure creates something unique and, dare we say, extra.

People and horses receive dynamically from each other in this class!
What to expect 
The tools of Access Consciousness™ invite you to be in the question in all aspects of your life and your body.

In this 4 day workshop you will:

- learn hands-on & energetic techniques
- discover what you know about bodies and leave with more awareness of bodies
- discover your own healing capabilities
- You will increase your ability of how to:

  • be a question with bodies,
  • how to perceive the changes that are possible and
  • how to contribute to these changes
Lazy Double Ranch

A place where the peace and possibility of living becomes a reality.
4571 Bleiblerville Road
Bleiblerville, TX

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Looking for travel information?

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 Do I need my own horse? 
Nope! The Ranch has an amzing group of animals to play with over 4 days.

It is possible to bring your own horse. Please contact Suzy to learn more (
What do I need to know about Texas? 
Texas can be hot, and in the spring the mornings can be a bit cool. For more on weather, what to bring and travelling to the ranch, visit the website here.

Is this class offered online? 
Due to it's "hands-on" approach, ESSE classes are only offered in-person.

To read more about ESSE Bodies & ESSE Horse, check out the ESSE website.
 What are the class dates & times? 
Registration begins at 9:00am April 25th

Class starts each day at 9:30am
Nov 25 - 28, 2024

Pre- req's & How Do I Register? 

Class pre-requisites:
Access Choice for Possibilities

Click here to register on the Access website

You can also pre-pay in advanced here to secure your spot!

What can Suzy, Andrew & ESSE contribute to your life?

What if you really could truly have a totally new way of being with your body?
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