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Change is possible if you choose it!
What are Clarity Nights?

Clarity nights are about empowering you to know that you know, about you knowing what’s true and what works for you.

Suzy will assist you in finding more clarity and ‘clearing’ specific areas of your life using the tools, techniques, and processes of Access Consciousness®.

What if you are more aware than you’ve acknowledged?

Imagine Suzy adding the component of receiving from animals and nature. 
Suzy has a kinship with the planet, nature, and animals that bleeds into any topic she facilitates. It adds to the uniqueness of these calls. What if you allowed all of your surroundings to have your back and contribute?

 Previous calls for purchase:
What if it’s possible to have ease and joy with the energy of money?
Find more clarity and ‘clearing’ specific areas of your life and MONEY using the tools, techniques and processes of Access Consciousness®. 
This mega Money Clearing Loop is based on the phenomenal series of money clarity telecalls. Suzy has picked the juiciest clearings from 14 telecalls diving into a whole range of topics. 

What people said about previous calls with Suzy:

The changes I am receiving during this hour are more than in some day-long classes -WOW! Simply Great!
~ D.S 

My reality changed a lot... these clarity nights are amazing and it s working every time when I listen. Gratitude beyond words ~ M.L

Every call is so different and contributes to my life so much I'm so grateful for Suzy and these calls. ~ J.O