Losing your pet can be the most challenging time you experience.

How can you get from the sense of devastation to the possibility of Happiness?

How does the pet that just passed away want you to be with this?

Let this page be a contribution to you in finding some relief and ease.

All the tools used on this page are from Access Consciousness. For an explanation of the clearing statement you will be hearing, please go here.

A Meditation for Ease with Pet Loss
If you are suffering from the loss of a pet, this meditative audio may give you some assistance and ease with the process. It will assist you in connecting with your pet and ask some questions to be more at peace.

When our pets die, we go through the devastating pain of the loss. Are there possible ways to have more ease with grief? Charlie and Suzy invite us to connect with the pet that passed and have a conversation to create comfort with the emotions that occur when dealing with pet loss.

This Blog gives you some ideas and tips for more ease:

When a pet dies, you miss them to a degree that is almost unbelievable.

Losing a dog or a cat, or even a horse, leaves such a huge void that many people avoid getting a new pet because they don’t wish to go through the intense sense of loss again. So, what tools can we use to make this a little easier?

In the animal world, death is neither right nor wrong. You may be surprised to learn that animals choose, sometimes quite consciously, their time of death. My cat Finnie certainly did so.

Finnie was a very active cat, but she always stayed within our property. To my knowledge, she never went beyond the fence, beyond which was coyote land. Certainly, never at night. Her whole life, Finnie came home when it got dark and stayed indoors till the morning. READ ON

Charlie talks more on death

Charlie the dog tells us that we can ease with this topic. Can you change the meaning death has for you? Would it be easier if you did not hang on to everyone else's beliefs about this topic we call dreadful? Charlie, the dog, does not have attachments to life and can give you a new perspective about pet loss. What if you could go from the expectations of how to deal with pet loss to having ease and celebration?

There is so much more ease that is possible during this time,

for both you and your beloved animal

Conversations with a dog that passed away
Raadhika has been affected by the death of her dog years ago. She has chosen not to have another pet in her life for fear of losing them.

The reasons she has are common to many of us, and in this conversation are addressed and help Raadhika gain a different perspective.
Part of the conversation is about connecting to her dog's spirit and asking questions about the past and future.

How do you deal with grief when it comes to losing a pet?
This conversation between Suzy Godsey and Marilyn Bradford explores other ways of dealing with losing a pet to death. 

  • What if you could find your grieving process and also have ease? 
  • What if you did not have to be devastated in the process? 
  • What if there was no right way to deal with the loss of your pet?

This show gives you tips and tools to have more ease with saying goodbye to your pet. Can you move from grief to gratitude?

Emanuela is joining us again for a chat about how it has been since her dog died and the euthanasia process.
Find out what it can be like to connect with the animal being out of the body and some tools to make the whole process easier.

What would it be like if death was easier to deal with? Can there be a different way of looking at all of this? What is the animal's point of view on death? Can they teach us an easier way to deal with their passing? What if pet loss and grief do not have to be a devastating experience?

Talk to the Animals Specialty Series

A 3-part 90 Minute each telecall about having more ease with pet loss.
What if the transition into this other place could actually be a celebration on your part? What if you could look at it from a place of, OK this is a different phase of our lives together and we are going to practice a different way of transitioning. Would it be possible to celebrate this together and acknowledge each other for what it is and support each other all the way through?

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"When you ask a question out of curiosity, you will create the space for the universe to show you possibilities greater than what you could have ever imagined."

- Suzy Godsey

About Suzy Godsey

Suzy Godsey is the Access Consciousness® Certified Specialty Class, Talk to the Animals Program Director and Founder of the unique and powerful modality  ~ ESSE ~ Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment. Her ability to listen to and learn from animals gives Suzy the tools to facilitate others in communicating more and knowing that animals have their way they see the world. In her desire to create more for animals Suzy facilitates classes all over the world, on the phone and internet radio. Her work has appeared on U.S. and international television, radio, and internet telesummits, including a segment on Cesar Milan’s “Dog Whisperer” television show.

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