Have you been wondering if your dog is a healer?

And what can we do to support our animals on their healing journey?

From an animal’s viewpoint, disease isn’t wrong. If they perceive a person’s body is off kilter, they will energetically contribute to them.

You only have to look at the happiness therapy dogs bring to
those in hospitals, rest homes, and even university students. What a gift they are.

As animal lovers we know that certain animals have amazing healing capacities.

If are you looking for free tools to contribute to your animals, you came to the right place!

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How to know if your animal is a healer:

  • The easiest way is to ask them. Even if you are sceptical, don’t doubt that your pet can hear you. Choose a quiet moment when you are relaxed and tune into your dog or your cat. Then, either out loud or in your head ask them, ‘Are you a healer? Yes or no?’ Animals respond energetically and we receive this communication in a variety of ways. Some people get a subtle awareness, pictures, or a bodily sensation, but it’s always there. Usually, we have a good idea about what is going on for our animals so asking this question will confirm what you already know. Suzy's free telecall replay can show you how! Sign up here to find out more.... Yes! It's free!
Another indication of healing behavior is an animal having similar symptoms or the same diseases as the people around them. Or they have a mysterious condition that doesn’t go away with treatment. If your pet has an issue with their body, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re healing someone.

Please keep an open mind and ask, ‘What’s going on?’ rather than deciding the cause is x, y, or z. You are not imagining things; animals do communicate with us. Ask more questions and you will receive more clarity.
How do you stop your animal from healing others?

You don't..

From an animal’s perspective, the ability to heal is the same as being able to detect a scent. It is part of their being and cannot be turned off.

What if we supported their choices instead?

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What if communicating with animals is easier than you think? How much fun could you have? Whether you are already communicating with your animal, or you are a total beginner, Suzy will facilitate you to a deeper level of connection.

There are so many things that are not working here, especially when it comes to living and working with animals. This Earth is an incredible and beautiful place and I will do whatever I can to create it as a sustainable, living organism.

How can we create joy and possibility for all of us? Animals included?

Suzy Godsey
TTTA Facilitator
Where do these tools come from?

The tools in this telecall are from Access Consciousness, a worldwide movement for conscious change and empowerment.

Access acknowledges that animals are beings with unique capacities. They do their best to please us and contribute in so many ways.

Find out more about Access Conciousness here.

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