What energy can you be to create a different world?

We’re told that one person cannot make a difference so don’t even try.
The problems are too big. I was told this many times while growing up.
I didn’t believe it then and I don’t believe it now.

Will you join me in running the Desertification process?
This is an energetic process that we can run on bodies including the body of the Earth. This process is a part of Access Consciousness®.
If you have not yet joined me, you can watch the first two days to have a little more explanation about the process and how we are running it:
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All of  2023
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This is the process we will be running every day:
"Elimination and Eradication of the
Microbiotic Desertification of Dermis
and the Actualization of the
Microbiotic Generative Dermis for
Body and Earth"
Imagine what the world would be like if we embraced earth stewardship.

Not as a nice concept, but rather as a pragmatic way of living.

Every time you step out of judgment, you’re contributing to the earth.
Every choice you make to go beyond this reality is a contribution.

The earth has no point of view about what we’re doing,
so it’s really up to us to treat it with respect.

We live here; how would we like to keep our home?

What if there was so much consciousness on the planet
that abusing the earth was no longer accepted?

All of 2023
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Allan Savory
Suzy's Goats
Please know, that you can make a difference;

you have an impact.

And you are not alone. The whole earth has got your back.

What if you acknowledged that and played with that
and forgot about all the prescribed ideocracies from society?
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Desertification - Nature Talks
Replay Feb 2020

For me, the situation on the planet is very palpable, and the Earth is calling out. The interesting thing about this is that Earth is not calling out to be saved or from a point of view, it is more like the energy of awareness, like, is this really what you would like to choose?

So my question is, what would you like to choose now? And what can you be and do to create that? And is there something we can be together that creates a difference? What if all of us combined has yet another effect? What can we create?

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Being The Steward of the Earth
Replay June 2022

Being a steward of the earth is recognizing you have a level of communion with the planet that you’ve not acknowledged.
It is not about trying to save the earth or making it greater than you.

The earth knows what must be corrected to bring itself into balance. We’re already seeing changes occurring around the world.
What can the earth contribute to you that you haven't been willing to acknowledge?

7 calls of exploration with Nature!

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It's imperative we recognize where we're being the energy that allows the earth to regenerate.

Being a steward of earth is about acknowledging where we’re being an energy that is different and contributes to the planet.

We have chosen to be here at this time for a reason. So let’s acknowledge that reason and create the way of life we know is possible on earth. By the energy we're being, as well as everything that is possible to do.

What if you chose fresh today?
All of 2023
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