Welcome to the Nature Talks Monthly Membership

Your Membership includes:
  • Telegram Group - a closed telegram group with all active members to exchange ideas, suggest topics and get inspired
  • 2 one hour calls per month (one topic chosen by Suzy & one open topic)
  • 1 energy pull per month (15 minutes)
  • 1 Clarity Event per month (one hour call)
  • The longer you remain a member, the more gifts you will receive!
  • You can cancel your membership at the end of any month
Dates & Times for June:

Topic Call - Synergy in Partnership
 - June 4, 7:30pm CET (your local time)

Receiving Energy Pull
 - June 12, 6:30pm CET (your local time)

Clarity Night - Healing Relationship Wounds
 - NEW TIME June 22, 8:30pm CET (your local time)

Open Topic
 - June 27, 7:30pm CET (your local time)

Recordings can be found here.

Zoom Call Information:
All 3 calls:
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Passcode: 4301

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Meeting ID: 822 1392 7132
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To listen with translation, you will require 2 devices.

On one device you will join the English Zoom to watch the video.

On the second device, you will join the Zoom in your desired language to listen in on the live translation.

In order to only hear the Translated Zoom in your language you will MUTE the English Zoom.

Go to the device with the English Zoom and click the arrow next to the microphone in the lower left corner.

Then click “Leave Computer Audio”

Now you are able to listen on your second device in your language of choice.

Please reach out in the Telegram Group, or you can email Sandy: sandy@suzygodsey.com
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