Does your pet have

Obsessive Compulsive


What else is possible for animals with OCD?

Is your dog obsessed with food or toys?
Does he/she exhaust themselves chasing or chewing?

Obsessive behaviors can get in the way of you and your pet enjoying life together.

What change can we create for them?

Signs of obsessive behaviors:

  • Your animal has an intense preoccupation with a ball, toy, food, their paws, a cat or object that compels their attention.

  • Their entire focus is locked on that particular object and your pet no longer hears you or follows your directions. It’s almost like they have no choice but to react in a certain way.

  • If you look at their body, you might notice it is tense and rigid, rather than relaxed.
What creates this compulsion in animals?
Secret agendas from past lives

If your dog is so obsessed with the ball that they will go over a cliff in pursuit, reinstating its survival instinct will create a major change.
Old jobs and past energies stuck in their body.
You can give your dog a new lease on life by verbally releasing old jobs and clearing past energies. You do this by running hands-on body processes from Access Consciousness.
Not being acknowledged for their capacities
Some animals constantly receive information from their environment with great intensity. When this information floods in, the dog will express this either through constant barking or some other behavior.
How  do you gently re-direct their attention from
the item they’re obsessing about?


Our 3-step process is simple but very powerful
Part 1: Hands-on energetic body processes from Access Consciousness
Access Consciousness has discovered over 75 body processes: energies that facilitate a body to change and transform. They work on people and animals also.
Part 2: Reinstating the survival instinct in animals so they are more relaxed during play time.

Learn basic animal communication techniques to show your animal that is has more choices, and learn to receive messages from your animal.

Part 3: Teaching your pet to be in tune with its environment without being highly reactive

When we acknowledge the animal, rather than shut it down with commands to ‘Stop!’, it helps to alleviate some of the animal’s stress. Once it’s more relaxed, we can then channel the animal’s energies and redirect their attention into other playful avenues.

When you persevere with your animal and are willing to use the Access Consciousness tools diligently, miracles can show up.

What if your animal’s source of the fun could be something totally different?
Is your pet ready for the
Obsession Series?

This is a series of audio clearings based on the tools of
Access Consciousness. They are designed to erase the energies holding obsession in place.

If you’re new to Access Consciousness, the concept of playing recordings for an animal might seem weird and I invite you to do so anyway. Pet owners who have used this approach say it transformed the behavior of their
animals dynamically.

Dogs that were crazy cat chasers, ball chasers, etc are now responding to their person’s commands.

Over 40 years of experience working with animals
What if communicating with animals is easier than you think? How much fun could you have? Whether you are already communicating with your animal, or you are a total beginner, Suzy will facilitate you to a deeper level of connection.

There are so many things that are not working here, especially when it comes to living and working with animals. This Earth is an incredible and beautiful place and I will do whatever I can to create it as a sustainable, living organism.

How can we create joy and possibility for all of us? Animals included?

Suzy Godsey
TTTA Facilitator
Looking for more tools to create ease with your pets?
TTTA Classes
What other people are saying.....

Thank you so much for the Clearing Obsession Audios. It has been 5 weeks since I started and Toetie has become a completely different cat!
In the beginning she was very often lying by the phone where I played your audio. I had asked so many times if her zone was collapsed, and because I kept getting YES I thought I had it wrong and had stopped. Repeating it over and over again and also on the audio gave her so much relief.
I also noticed that about 45 minutes before (my partner) gets home from work, she starts meowing loudly.
I tell her, ‘Thank you for letting me know that he will be home soon.’
If she keeps going on, I say thank you for letting me know, shall we move on to something else? Then it's ok.
After the first 3 weeks, I added the Exercise for Anxiety & Panic Attacks to the audios.
Before all of this, it was not clear to me what was required. There is so much more space now. It is a little easier to be aware what energy is showing up.
She also asked for the body process again, which she hadn’t received for a while. Now, she is quiet in the night.
Thank you, Suzy for these phenomenal audios. Thank you, Toetie for showing this!
I am sooooo grateful!!!
The Tools of Access Consciousness

These life-changing techniques, tools and processes are designed to empower you to create the life you desire. Practical, dynamic, and pragmatic, Access provides step-by-step processes to facilitate you in being more conscious in every day life and eliminate all the barriers you have put up to receiving.

Delivered through seminars, teleseries, books, audios and consultations, Access Consciousness™ is not about metaphors, ideas or sweet talk. It actually works! Every person who uses these tools and this more conscious way of living finds it works. Suzy has been using these tools with animals and in the relationship between people and animals successfully. Animals can easily change given the chance and the tools provide the ease required for the change.

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