Are the animals asking you to step up?

In this 5 day advanced class we will dive deeper into many areas riddled with judgements and conclusions and give you more tools you can use to refine your ability with animal communication.

There are so many points of view that we have about animals and how they live - what they are capable of, how they function, what is important to them - that we have blinders on when it comes to receiving from them.

Are you ready to take the blinders off and create the space where receiving is much easier?

This Advanced Class will be held online
October 25 - 29,  5:30am MDT
Your local time
You will have to be present the whole time, online with your camera on and not distracted by anything else. 100% attendance is required to become a TTTA CF


Talk to the Animals - Start the Conversation live or online class
Choice of Possibilities/Choice for Possibilities (COP/CFP) within 24 Months
Your Facilitators

Suzy Godsey

Suzy Godsey is the Access Consciousness® Certified Specialty Class, Talk to the Animals Program Director and Founder of the unique and powerful modality  ~ ESSE ~ Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment. Her ability to listen to and learn from animals gives Suzy the tools to facilitate others in communicating more and knowing that animals have their way they see the world. In her desire to create more for animals, Suzy facilitates classes all over the world, on the phone and internet radio.

Viv Adcock

Viv Adcock is an Access Consciousness® Certified Specialty Class, Talk to the Animals Facilitator and trainer of facilitators. She travels the world facilitating a plethora of classes – Talk to the Animals, Prosperity Consciousness, Money Isn’t The Problem You Are, Salon Des Femmes and the Core Classes of Access (Bars and Foundation) and is driven by her desire to share the tools, scatter seeds of possibilities and empower people to know that they know and step into claiming the true capacities they have and be.

Prerequisites to Attend the Talk to the Animals Certified Facilitator Training:

  • Be an active Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator (CF)
  • Attend one (1) Talk To The Animals Start the Conversation class (live or online)
  • Attend one (1) Talk To The Animals Creating Greater Possibilities Class (in-person or online) 
Seriously, you're not going to want to miss this!
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