Suzy Godsey
is coming to
Explore your capacities with bodywork, horses, and leadership in Romania
ESSE for Bodies
May 10-12
Conscious Horse Conscious Rider
May 14-15
 Are you intrigued by ESSE? 
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn ESSE (Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment) with the Founder, Suzy Godsey!

By your presence and very touch, your body and that person’s body make a connection. You begin to communicate molecularly. Then if you allow it, the body will guide the way.

Our bodies are aware of many things, yet how often do we listen to them? In the ESSE class, we learn to receive that communication rather than stifling it.
ESSE is a personal journey. There is nothing you have to study or learn.

As you allow the bodies to talk to each other, this energy of molecular engagement is present. It is amazing how many things change for people in these classes.

What would your body like to change that the energy of ESSE can facilitate with ease?

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Would you like to be a better rider, or overcome a fear of horses? 
The Conscious Horse Conscious Rider class has tools for that! Our classes are tailored to suit the participants.

Horses are incredible facilitators; they have the ability to show us how we go about everyday life.

What is your energy in relationships, business, or family life? How clear is your style of communication?

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider is filled with pragmatic tools and you also practise bodywork on the horses. This can be an amazing experience; horses are willing to receive from us and they also gift generously.

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ESSE for Bodies
May 10-12
Bucharest, RO

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider
May 14&15
Valea Avrig, RO

What to expect 
The tools of Access Consciousness™ invite you to be in the question in all aspects of your life and your body.

In these workshops you will:

- learn hands-on & energetic techniques
- discover what you know about bodies and leave with more awareness of bodies
- gain a unique perspective on communication, leadership,
relationships with horses, riding skills and much more.
- discover your own healing capabilities
- You will increase your ability of how to:

  • be a question with bodies & horses,
  • how to perceive the changes that are possible and
  • how to contribute to these changes
ESSE for Bodies
May 10-12
Conscious Horse Conscious Rider
May 14-15
 Do I need my own horse? 
Nope! The venue has an amazing group of animals to play with.
What are the class dates & times? 

ESSE for Bodies:
Registration begins at 1:30pm May 10
Class starts at 2:00pm
May 11 & 12, 9:30am - 5pm

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider:
Registration begins at 9am May 14
May 14 & 15, 9:30am - 5pm

Are these classes offered online? 
Due to their "hands-on" approach, ESSE & CHCR classes are only offered in-person.

To read more about ESSE classes, check out the ESSE website.
To read more about CHCR classes, check out the Access website.

Pre- reqs & How Do I Register? 

ESSE for Bodies:
Access The Foundation or The Global Foundation
Click here to register on the Access website

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider:
No pre-req's!
Click here to register on the Access website

What can the horses, ESSE & Suzy contribute to your life?


What if you really could truly have a totally new way of being with your body & horses?
Still Curious?