Some people believe that you need special powers to be connected to the Earth or speak with animals. 

My perspective is different. We are all connected already.

Nature: the flora, the fauna, and all the elements that come together as planet Earth is a magnificent tapestry of the simultaneity of gifting and receiving.

The animals are conscious and they are wiser than us in a way because they intrinsically know this. There is constant energetic communication between the animals and the planet.

Animals are willing to perceive the future like an earthquake or a tsunami; they know weather patterns way ahead of time. They naturally function from oneness.


You and nature are one

Energetic communication from the Earth is occurring all the time, although differently from our day-to-day conversations.

Do you know the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words?

Well, energetic communication is worth a thousand pictures. There’s infinitely more available than can be described in words.

You have probably already experienced it. Have you driven down a road, and suddenly you made a ‘wrong turn’ that took you longer to get home? You may never find out what you avoided by doing that. Maybe you avoided an accident. Those are the times of energetic conversations we pass off as intuition or simply good or bad luck.

If everyone acknowledged that we are part of this dance of gifting and receiving, how different would life on Earth be?

The space of peace

As far as I know, there aren’t an infinite number of planets like our Earth. So let us acknowledge the beauty of this place and look through the nonjudgmental, nurturing eyes of Mother Nature.

How does the Earth see you? Is the Earth willing to contribute to you and support you in succeeding?

If we acknowledged that the Earth is here for us in a different way, not to serve us but more from a sense of togetherness, what shows up? For me, there is a space of peace.

The Earth is willing to contribute to you with this energy. If you were willing to receive it 24/7, you be less frantic?

This is not to downplay all the ways that mankind is choosing to destroy the Earth. Rather, my perspective is that we can change everything we have put in motion by choosing to be more conscious, no longer function from judgment, and be a different energy on the planet.


The toxicity of judgment

Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness, says that judgment is the most toxic thing for the planet. If we all started to function from no judgment, could pollution be changed by getting together and being a different space of possibility?

What if the toxicity on the planet was something that we have the capacity to change instantly?

Who do we judge the most? Ourselves. When we wake up in the morning, the first thing we do is judge our bodies! What else could you choose if you were willing to change that pattern since many of the things that you judge yourself for are not true.

Animals do not judge themselves or others. What would happen if we also stopped? What world could we live in if we were to join the animals in their way of being? 

I have created a short video on this topic that you can view by clicking here.


Practice communication

To get better at energetic communication, practice with the simple things in your life.

If you have a garden at home and are planting vegetable seeds, you might ask, ‘Seeds, where and when would you like to be planted? What time of day?’ Ay time you ask a question, an energy will come up.

Some people perceive this communication loud and clear; if that is the case, great! How can you have more of that?

If you receive energetic awareness and are unsure what to do with it, please don’t pretend it didn’t happen. Acknowledge it and ask, ‘How does it get better? How can I have more ease with that?’

Ask to increase those capacities. Literally, ‘How can I have more of this awareness? How can I have more of this communication?’

Every question will open the door wider and allow you and the Earth to start communicating more.

For more on energetic communication or to attend my next Talk to the Animals class, go here