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What is ESSE?
Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment (ESSE)
is an Access Consciousness™ specialty class that facilitates changing the structure of your body and life.

Scientific research found that molecular structures respond to the observers' point of view, whether it is electrons, water, or even the body's fascial system. The tools of Access Consciousness™ invite you to be in the question in all aspects of your life and your body. In the ESSE classes, we invite you to be a question with your body.

ESSE facilitates changes in the body's structure and form, contributing to ease with movement, function, and a different possibility with your body. ESSE deconstructs the glue of judgment throughout the body.

All areas of the body can be "touched" by this hands-on and energetic possibility. In these workshops, you will be learning to touch a body, be the energy of ESSE, and the various ways in which your touch can contribute to the body structure changing. You will be empowered to discover what you know about bodies.

We facilitate ESSE classes on:
people bodies (ESSE Bodies),
horse bodies (ESSE Horse),
and both combined (ESSE Extravaganza):

ESSE Bodies

In this 2.5-day class, we invite you to touch bodies in a different way and learn how to listen to the body. You will discover what you know about bodies, find your healing capabilities and leave with more awareness of bodies and how they can change and how that change can contribute to your life.
You will increase your ability how to be a question with bodies, how to perceive the changes that are possible, and how to contribute to these changes.

The prerequisite for ESSE Bodies is:
Access the Foundation

ESSE Horse
Horses receive the ESSE work with great pleasure, and the changes possible are immense. You do not have to be a horse person to participate in this two-day class; people have said that working on the horses gave them more insight into their lives and bodywork/energy work.
Horses do not lie, and the gift they are to us when we engage with them in the present moment is incredible.

Horses who have received ESSE sessions have shown the following:
• Renewed connection & responsiveness to rider
• Greater ease and range of movement
• Enhanced behavior and overall attitude

You will be able to bring your horse to most class settings!

The prerequisite for ESSE Horse is:
Access the Foundation
ESSE Extravaganza

Well, it's all the ESSE goodness with something extra!

ESSE Extravaganza is the combination of ESSE Bodies and ESSE Horse.
And putting these two classes together into a 4-day adventure creates something unique and, dare we say, extra.

The prerequisite for ESSE Extravaganza is:
Access Choice for Possibilities
The Foundation or Global Foundation within 12 months

ESSE Essence

This is the advanced ESSE class. In this four-day class, we invite you to the depths of what is possible when you are willing to be and receive from bodies (yours and the one you are working on). What if you left all your education about bodies at the door?

ESSENCE invites you to fully be ESSE, not as something separate from you or what you are doing to the body, but an energy that is part of you.

In ESSE Bodies or Horse, we invite you to acknowledge that you are listening to the body. Now that you are listening, come find out what else is possible! What are the bodies truly capable of and asking for?

The prerequisites for ESSE Essence are:
ESSE Bodies or ESSE Extravaganza
Access Choice for Possibilities
Access 3 day Body Class

"What do you know about bodies that you have yet to discover?
What if you knew that your touch will change something or someone? What if you knew that if you put your attention on something you already contribute to it changing? It’s not so much about what you do, but what you be in the world.  What if you really could truly have a totally new way of being with your body?"
~ Suzy Godsey

 What Dr. Dain Heer said about ESSE:

“ESSE massages the energy of ESC (Energetic Synthesis of Communion) into your structure, where it has never existed before in all of reality.”

What Gary Douglas said about ESSE:

“ESSE undoes the glue of judgement that keeps limitations in existence
and bodies in pain.”