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“There is nothing more fun than supporting a person, an animal, a plant to have more, be more and overcome their limitations. So much in this world is not working and introducing tools that have the capacity to create change with ease is the best job in the world.” - Suzy Godsey
Suzy Godsey - Founder of ESSE
I became fascinated with the Access energetic body processes when I discovered how much ease, peace, and wellness they created for my body. Having been prone to illness from childhood, this was miraculous to me. So, I gifted and received body processes often. One day while traveling in Australia, I spontaneously began doing hands-on bodywork on Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness. This was a totally new energy. My hands were not moving over his body, they were moving with the molecules to create change.

That was the first ESSE (Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment) session.

Later, we made another exciting discovery. ESSE also works on animals. Horses, especially, receive this energy with great joy and delight. Gary says that ESSE deconstructs the glue of judgment locked in the body.
I have been an animal lover my whole life. Animals have a different way of seeing the world that can be a gift. My desire is to empower people to listen to and learn from animals and create a society where animals are honored.
Similarly, our bodies are also a gift although we don’t recognize it or else, we see the body as a problem to be

Working with the energy of ESSE I’ve begun to realize that we can have a new conversation.
For me this communication begins by touching the body with the energy of ESSE. My body and that person’s body make a connection. Suddenly, we’re communicating molecularly, and the body integrates ESSE as it requires.
What if our bodies could show us something different, even if it seems impossible?
"All my life, I have been interested in and had a curiosity for the weird, wacky, strange and wonderful things that exist in this world. When I was little, I would crush various stones into powders and combine them into concoctions that I was convinced were magic chemical creations: part mad scientist, part shaman. Luckily, I didn’t blow up the house! "
Andrew Gardella
Dr. Andrew Gardella
Before Access Consciousness ™, I wrestled for 16 years. I was pretty good. I was a NCAA All-American in college. I was always looking for how to create changes with my body faster and with more ease. That evolved over the 16 years into not just seeking physical changes, but mental, emotional, and just in my life. After college, I went to chiropractic school seeking to deliver on and tap into this sense I had of what was possible with changing both my body and life and others. Yet, in chiropractic school, I found that others didn’t have that same sense, and weren’t even curious in exploring other possibilities.
Every technique or modality I studied thereafter seemed to contain its blend of “no that isn’t possible”. I was just so fed up with it all—and with all the stuff I was listening to in school that felt incorrect—I gave up reading about different techniques. I gave up studying. I went into autopilot. I was tired and frustrated. I losing my sense of fun and curiosity that I had always had. I started to think I was going crazy.

So I did this crazy thing… I asked a question, ""Is there anything out there actually interested in more?""

A short time later, I heard about Access. It acknowledged the curiosity and the seeking for more, I functioned from. It gave me “access” to me again and the sense of play and possibilities I so enjoy. And I got a completely different sense of myself too. After attending Access classes and playing with the tools, I realized how differently I have always seen the world and how valuable that is. And that I was not wrong for any of it. So what do you know? Are you interested in more? Wanna play?