Have you ever wondered how you could get closer to your pet?

There is an exercise you can play with that can allow you to receive and ‘listen’ more:
Be acutely aware of 3 spots on your body at the same time as expanding out in all directions, also down into the Earth.

Expand beyond the room you are in, expand beyond he city you are in, expand beyond the country you are in, also down into the Earth and be aware of the 3 spots, all at the same time.

Expand beyond the continent and now into the Universe. Double that space you are, double it again and again. Keep being aware of the 3 spots and expand more.

More peace in your world?

Gently perceive your pet, allow for any information, or ask a question: ‘How are you? How is your body’?

Allow for the space to receive the awareness, keep expanding, keep being aware of the 3 spots.

Do this a few times a week and see what shows up!

Have fun!