Have you ever noticed that when you are doing something for you, often your animals, your kids or your partner create some drama that makes you have to pay attention to them?

Have you stopped creating things for yourself because of that? Or are you tired of this situation?

You know you can change it? Easily?

Here is how:
When you take off to ‘do your thing’, make sure you ask your energy to ALSO stay with your family (including your pet).

How you do that? Just ask. What can assist is to have a picture of them, look at it a few times during your adventure away from home and again deliver your energy to them, be present and flow energy to them. You can also pull their energy to you and with that INCLUDE them in what you are doing. The more you do that the less they feel like you ‘left them’.

Play with it, if you desire to have more ease in your life!