Talk To The Animals

What have you decided animal communication is that it isn’t?

What if communicating with animals

is possible for everyone?

EVERYONE has the ability to speak with animals, it’s part of who we are.

The moment we tune into an animal, we begin receiving information energetically. Unfortunately, we haven’t learned to decipher or trust these messages.

This is where Talk to the Animals really shines because it isn’t a typical animal communication class.

I did a lot of animal communication courses when I was younger. And I failed them (from my point of view) because I didn’t see what other people were seeing.

The animals didn’t speak to me in pictures. It wasn’t like a movie playing. Instead, I get a sense of these energies and have been doing so my whole life.

So, if you’ve been trying to communicate through pictures and it doesn’t work, you are not wrong. And if you do see pictures, that’s great also!

There is no right or wrong way to speak with animals. Every person perceives energy differently. The Talk to the Animals (TtTA) classes allow you to find your unique way.

Once you start communicating energetically, you’ll discover that everything talks to you. So, don’t be surprised if TtTA opens the door to receiving energy from everything…the earth, your car, the city you’re in… they all speak the language of energy.

Animals speak energy fluently.

Animal communication can be done in any language because the energy behind the words never lies. When we’re congruent with the energy, our animals understand us, and they will do their best for us.

I invite you to approach animals with a sense of curiosity and be willing to receive the gifts they have for us.

We’re not superior to animals, nor are animals better than us.

What if we could have fun together, honor each other for our strengths, and explore the possibilities of living on this planet?

~ Suzy Godsey

Talk to the Animals Classes

If you’re brand new, I suggest starting with the Talk to the Animals book by Gary Douglas. This is a wonderful resource and the inspiration for these animal classes. The book is filled with true-life stories, energetic body processes, and examples of these tools in action. Some animal lovers call it their bible. Available here

An Online Introduction

A two-hour webinar to introduce the Talk to the Animals tools, which are from Access Consciousness.

We use the Access clearings to erase  misconceptions about energetic communication, get clear of limitations, and learn to tune into animals with ease.

As this is an interactive class, you can ask Suzy questions about your animal and benefit from her vast knowledge and experience.

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Start the Conversation

Held over 4 days, the Start the Conversation class will hone your skills, so you trust the energetic messages you’re already receiving from animals.

Receiving is the key. What have your animals been gifting you that you haven’t been willing to receive? Is now the time?

A highlight is working with the cats, dogs, horses, rabbits etc. in the class. These practice sessions are invaluable as the animals’ feedback is usually unmistakable!

This class is usually held online and includes a detailed manual. Translation into other languages is a possibility.

This class qualifies you to be a Talk to the Animals Practitioner.

Pre-requisites apply.

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Creating Greater Possibilities

In this advanced 5-day class, co-facilitators Suzy Godsey and Viv Adcock delve into the nuances of animal communication and animals as sentient beings.

Unfortunately, we’ve been taught erroneous information, which leads to misinterpreting animal behavior. Our emotions also color how we see a situation. This class is a massive journey of self-discovery, some have said it’s life-changing.

Participants also work with animals in a safari park or zoo. These practical sessions are designed so that participants can connect with wild animals. This class includes a comprehensive manual, advanced tools and clearings to release self-doubt, and really enhance your communication skills.

Pre-requisites apply.

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How does animal communication work?

Talk to the Animals Telecalls

Specialty Series

This comprehensive 12-part teleseries has 36 calls at 90 minutes each on topics related to animals. Beginning with how to pick a new cat or new puppy that suits you, through all the stages of the relationship, each topic is invaluable for pet owners.

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Pet Relations

Is something ‘off’ in the relationship with your animal? In this one-off call, Suzy explores the Access tool of ‘Interesting point of view.’ It’s very easy to use and can create huge changes in all kinds of situations. Every behavior can be changed if you are willing to look at what is actually going on.

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Healing Animals

Some animals, especially dogs have a dynamic talent and ability for healing. This telecall with Suzy will help you get clear if your dog is healing others and how you can acknowledge their abilities so that they, and you, can have more ease.

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Our Participants Love the Online Classes

I love TTTA! Taking this class online and see participants’ pets online, and perceiving them and receiving from them, that’s so beautiful!

Also Suzy and Sandy went to the wild life park for us to meet more animals. They opened up so much more awareness and receiving for us, and connection with those amazing animals.

It’s so different from the “normal” people dealing with “animals”. The class’s energy transformed all of us, including those animals we meet and in our households.

So much fun and beauty in it. Can’t wait for more to come!

What else is possible now?

Much gratitude for Suzy and Viv and everyone in this class.

-Kathryn, Taiwan

Thank you so much Suzy & Viv for the amazing class.

It has improved my connection and communication with the animal world a lot and also get rid of lots of misunderstandings and judgments.

The park and ranch visit were so creative and impressive, I always know they are such a contribution to the people and the world.

This class has clarified that a lot. Also it has opened such a different space for getting along with them, and my way of receiving them has also changed.

So many times I am still touched by these beautiful beings, what they are being for the people and for the world.

Thank you for this phenomenal class and who you are being, which contributes a lot to the animals, animal lovers like me and the earth.

-Hedy, China

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t get pictures from my animal, am I doing something wrong?

In the Talk to the Animals book Gary Douglas says that animals communicate in pictures and for him that is true. However, not everyone receives information in pictures or like a movie. These classes allow you to discover your way of energetic communication and begin to trust this subtle awareness.

Do I have to be an animal psychic to attend?

The interesting thing is everybody is psychic and doesn’t know it! That’s why I say everyone has the capacity to speak to animals. For instance, don’t you always know when your partner or child is upset before they say a word?

You have been receiving messages from your pets all their lives, but you don’t trust these perceptions. Just think, when you go to a vet, or call an animal communicator, how often do they confirm what you already knew was going on for your animal?

Where do these tools come from?

The tools we’re using are from Access Consciousness. They’re different from other animal communication classes because Access encourages us to question everything, rather than have pre-conceived conclusions. Gary Douglas, the founder of Access discovered these tools from directly working with animals.

I don’t have an animal, can I still come to class?

Yes! This class goes beyond animal communication. It’s about learning to listen to the energy that comes with the words. Many people have said their communication with their partner, kids, and others improved afterward. Even if you don’t have a pet, you can practice your skills with the animals in class.

I use the Talk to the Animals tools, but my animal doesn’t say much…

Your animal can communicate with you in a split second. Sometimes you already know what your pet is saying before you finish asking a question. Allow yourself to be as fast, instead of thinking that you are imagining things. The important part is learning to trust your energetic awareness, even if it’s not 100% accurate.

Also, be aware that every being will communicate in a slightly different way. Even if you have two dogs, one might be really talkative and want to share everything that’s going on. The other animal might be more chilled. It depends on the animal’s personality and how they like to communicate.

Sometimes I get frustrated at my animal for not listening to me. How do I change this dynamic?

With our animals, we often reiterate the behavior we don’t want: Stop barking! Don’t pee inside etc. This is confusing to them.

Instead, ask your pet to, Go outside to pee. Be quiet. Be friendly. You’ll notice there’s a different energy to those requests. It’s clearer and our animals will do their best to follow through because they want to please us.

I would love to teach these classes! Can I do that?

Yes, we would love to have more TtTA facilitators on board! Access Consciousness holds Certified Facilitator training annually which qualifies people to offer some of the Talk to the Animals classes. As you would imagine, there are certain prerequisites. You will find more information on becoming a certified facilitator here.

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