Recently I was speaking with a lady who was grieving the loss of her beloved cat.

Towards the end, the cat became incontinent and had to be washed clean, which of course it didn’t like. Months later, this lady was still deeply regretful and wished she had chosen differently.

Over the years, I have connected with several animals that have passed over and discovered something miraculous — none of them wanted their person to remain sad and unhappy that they had gone.
People will hold onto regret and guilt for years; animals don’t. Even if we did something we consider unkind, our pets don’t hold on to grudges.

One of the mysteries of animal communication is realizing that our pets don’t want us to suffer after they’re gone. Animals have a different perspective about so many things. To us, death is bad and should be avoided. Animals don’t judge that death is wrong. They are willing to see the gift in it.

Some animals choose their time of death quite consciously. They may also influence their person to help because animals have been around long enough to know about euthanasia.

As people, we worry that we made the wrong choice to euthanize our animals. Was it too early or too late? Should we have tried harder to save them? Holding on to these thoughts and judging yourself will prevent you from receiving from your pet.  Is it time to stop blaming yourself and be grateful for the times you spent together?

Death, in and of itself, isn’t final anyway. When an animal dies, their body stops living but the being always goes on and that’s how we can connect with them, even years later.

Of course, there are many nuances and facets to death and dying, I certainly don’t know them all.

There was a time when I desired to save all the animals. My perspective has changed over the years and I am grateful for the Talk to the Animals tools and the ease they have brought me.

What if death was just a part of living on planet Earth?

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