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Our animals make us happy and, in turn, their well-being and happiness are of utmost importance.

So, if your pet has been giving you those ‘sad’ puppy dog eyes when you leave for work, you might feel bad about leaving them alone. One day you mention this to a friend who suggests getting a second animal as a companion. What a great solution!
You scout around for the best possible companion and bring them home expecting life to be wonderful. But guess what? The two animals start squabbling; they don’t become friends or live happily ever after as you had imagined. What went wrong?

The missing step in the above scenario is, of course, consultation. Did you ask your pet if it would like a companion?

I have worked with many well-meaning people who went from assumption to assumption without checking with their animal: are you lonely? Would you like a companion? What could that look like for you? Or is there an activity or person we could add to your day?

Animals usually find a way to communicate their wishes to us. Don’t you always know when your cat is hungry, or your dog needs a walk? Perhaps you pick up on a certain tone in their bark or meow or perceive their energetic communications in another way. It’s different for everyone. Having worked with many animals over the years, I know there is a constant flow of energetic communication. Rest assured that if you ask your animal questions, they will respond.

In Talk to the Animals classes, we have many examples of animals communicating with such clarity that it leaves no room for doubt. Trust yourself and tune in to your pet. Now ask if it would like another animal around.

If your animal doesn’t desire a companion, what other possibilities could you explore? Perhaps you could hire a dog walker or ask a friend to drop by. Could you wake up 30 minutes earlier and take them out yourself? Would your pet like a new toy or one of those puzzles designed to keep animals entertained for hours? What else is there that you have never considered?

Harmony in the home

If you are reading this after the fact AND your first animal isn’t thrilled with their new companion, how can you create harmony in the home? Rather than sweep things under the carpet, could you acknowledge the mistake? Take a moment with your first pet and say, energetically or out loud, ‘I’m sorry I didn’t ask you about this,’ and be sincere.

There is power in acknowledgment. I have seen relationship dynamics change instantaneously once we acknowledged the situation for what it is. (This tool also works with people. Be present and acknowledge what is going on for you and it might resolve itself much faster than you imagine.)

As for the animals, they are usually quicker to change than people. Animals don’t hold grudges and they do their best to work with us.

A place of their own

As well as the tool of acknowledgement some other steps will be required. I suggest asking your first animal, ‘Can you live with this other being?’ A lot of times this is a possibility.

Thereafter you can create living arrangements so that each animal has a space with their beds. Next, establish some house rules just as you would for kids.

In my home, I have set up individual spaces for each of my three dogs with their bed and bowls. There is no switching of beds, bullying, or eating from another’s bowl. As the leader of my pack, I am prepared to intervene. If an animal acts out, I will be an energy they can’t mistake. When you are energetically congruent with your words, the animal gets it and there is no need to shout or overpower them.

In closing, animals do have emotions. However, their emotions aren’t the same as ours and that’s why it is important to ask them questions and consider what you are prepared to deliver. Living with animals is choosing what works for you and them.

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