Anxious dog? If your pet is noise-sensitive and reacts with shaking, frothing, or even eliminating during fireworks or thunderstorms, here are some tips to prepare your pet for fireworks night.
  1. Please download this free clearing loop and play it for your dog every day for at least a week.
  2. Be calm, cool, and collected. The calmer you are and, the less stress you have in your body, the easier it will be for your pet. Your energy can support your dog to be calmer or create more aggravation for them. This radio show will assist you with the points of view you might have and give you many exercises to create ease for you.
  3. Be in the question of what might be helpful for your pet:
  • Crate them?
  • Give them Rescue Remedy Bach Flowers?
  • Consult a Homeopath and get a remedy?
  • Put essential oils on them?
  • Put a Tellington T-Touch Thundershirt on your dog?
  • Play music during the noises?
  • Confine them in a small space?
  • Touch them?
If you touch your pet during this stressful time, please refrain from petting or stroking them. Leave your hand laying on their body and ask for the stress to dissipate into the Earth. You can also ask for the ‘restoration of electrical systems’ to run. This body process by Access Consciousness can give the body more ease when the electrical circuitry may not be functioning optimally.

How to help dogs scared of thunder

Some dogs may do better if they are on the move rather than stationary. Consider walking your dog on the leash indoors while the noises are going on.
You can also work with desensitizing methods to create more relaxation in your dog’s body at the time of loud noises. There are many approaches to this, and if your dog is motivated by food, you can start by giving them treats while someone else is making noises.
Start this with your dog far enough away from the noise so it does not create them going into a panic, just a tiny startle so that they still will take a treat. Your dog will start associating scary noises with getting food, hence more ease in the future.
All of the suggestions in the audio and video on this page depend on your pet’s situation. Please keep in the question and know there is a key to unlocking the fear and behavior your pet has when it comes to extreme noises. Noise sensitivity and even panic can change. You and your animal do not have to live with this. Do not give up.
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