Welcome to the Nature Talks Monthly Membership
Dates & Times for July:

Topic Call - Can you have more ease nurturing your body?
 - July 5, 7:30pm CET (your local time)

Receiving Energy Pull
 - July 9, 8pm CET (your local time)

Clarity Night - Going beyond aches and pains
 - July 17, 7:30pm CET (your local time)

Open Topic
 - July 24, 7:30pm CET (your local time)

Recordings can be found here.

Zoom Call Information:

All 4 calls:
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Your Membership includes:
  • Telegram Group - a closed telegram group with all active members to exchange ideas, suggest topics and get inspired
  • 2 one hour calls per month (one topic chosen by Suzy & one open topic)
  • 1 energy pull per month (15 minutes)
  • 1 Clarity Event per month (one hour call)
  • The longer you remain a member, the more gifts you will receive!
  • You can cancel your membership at the end of any month

Please reach out in the Telegram Group, or you can email Sandy: sandy@suzygodsey.com
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