Conscious Footprints Podcast

Tune into animals, nature, and the universe without the significance and seriousness of it all!


Tried everything with your hyper dog? On this episode, Suzy’s dog Carol gives a unique perspective on how to calm a hyperactive dog. Listen for practical tools you can use even with high energy dogs that are wired to work, hunt or herd. What if you could have peace in your household and no longer felt overwhelmed?

How do you create your future? New Year’s Resolutions will only take you so far. The future is not a picture. It is an energy. Join Suzy for an episode full of clearings and a dynamic creation exercise designed to create what you desire. What if your future was this glorious thing you always knew was possible?

Even if your dog has been noise-sensitive for years, that behavior doesn’t have to be permanent. Are you willing to influence your pet? In this episode, Suzy gives you insight into what factors underlie an animal’s fear of loud noises and practical ways to change it.

Some dogs have a reaction to fireworks that may not be from this lifetime. This podcast offers some tips and tricks to create ease for your dog and you. Your energy can support your animals to be calmer. What is required for you to stay calm, cool, and collected no matter how panicky your dog feels?

A clearing loop designed to calm and assist any animal that gets fearful during thunderstorms, fireworks or loud noises in general. Please download and play this clearing loop for them. The clearings in this audio are tools of Access Consciousness®.

Suzy explains the ‘Talk to the Animals’ class in a fun and informative way. These tools can create dynamic change for animals since they don’t analyze things! Often, they let go of issues effortlessly. What if animal communication is different from what you think it is?

Join Charlie Yesdog, Suzy, and ghost whisperer Shannon O’Hara for a fascinating conversation on the spirit world! When cats hiss at the air, what do they perceive? Animals are highly aware of entities. They and their bodies can be influenced by them. What would change if we empowered our animals to step into these abilities?


All of life comes to me with ease, joy & glory!