What would it be like to be connected to everything around you? A connection to the energy flowing through all things. What if I were to tell you that connection is already there? There is so much available to us. What if you woke up today and lowered your barriers and totally received from everything…the Earth…Nature…Wildlife? Would you change if you were willing to have that connection? Would the world change if you received that connection?

If you were willing to truly be aware of the Earth and her energy, would you know if there was an Earthquake coming? Would you knowwhat the wildfire is
creating, and destructing? Would you know how the Earth sees these events?

Getting out of our heads and stopping the thinking process is probably the hardest thing we have to do in order to let go of analyzing and logicizing everything around us. You have trusted the energy before, has it ever let you down? The only times we are being let down is when we are not following that hunch we had, that fleeting moment when we just ‘knew’ just before we talked ourselves out of it again. But, but, but are our favorite words. If you were willing to let go of these words, open your world to ‘following the energy’ and with a few exercises added more receiving from all things to your world, would you do it?

For example, right now, perceive 3 spots on your body at the same time. Your feet on the ground, your hand on your tummy, your butt on the seat, perceive them simultaneously, yes, you can do it. At the same time, expand out in all directions, bigger, more and yes, still the 3 spots. And keep expanding even while you are perceiving the 3 spots. Get even bigger, expand throughout the universe!

Now, ask a question of your favorite plant (it could be your house plant, it could be a tree far, far away).

Ask: What have you been contributing to me that I have not yet received?

Allow that energy to flood your being and body.

Wow, were you surprised? A house plant in a pot? Contributing to your life? A tree far away willing to add to your life? I wonder what is possible if you were to open the door to more receiving? Would your life expand? And in return, what would the Earth receive?