2017 Talk To The Animals- Start The Conversation TeleCall Series


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July 12th - Aug 1st, 2017

You will receive audio & video recordings AND written & audio clearings for all 8 calls!!

In this 8 part Talk to the Animals Tele Series the language of animals will be demystified into practical tools you can use to eliminate the barriers and limitations of animal/people relationships.

Utilizing the leading edge processes of Access Consciousness™, you will be empowered to acknowledge and cultivate your talents and abilities of true animal communication, changing the dynamics of your animal interactions.

This call series is formatted in a weekly fashion as an invitation for you to explore the techniques, processes and newly acquired tools of each call.  Take full advantage of the time between calls to explore with your animal companions and develop your capacities. Empower yourself to know that you have the ability to create a peaceful, calm connection in which the magic true communication is possible.

Subjects covered in this series will be:

  • Clearing the lies of what animal communication is and is not.
  • Gaining a whole new awareness of animals as Conscious Beings
  • Learning the multitude of elements that come together as Animal Communication
  • Acknowledging your skills and capacities
  • Knowing that both you and the animals have the ability to change anything
  • Creating animal/people relationships free of barriers and limitations
  • Changing your perspective

Whether you are an animal lover seeking to enjoy more fully the connection that is truly possible with our furry and feathered companions or a professional working with animals and seeking effective ways to expand the your work, this class is designed for you!!

July 12th, 13th & 14th, 2017   7pm MDT

July 25th, 26th & 27th, 2017  7pm MDT

July 31st & Aug  1st, 2017  7pm MDT