Animal Behavior 101: Laying the Foundation of a Relationship that Works


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December 2015

Are you refusing to acknowledge who your animal truly be, instead of seeing her through the “rose colored glasses of expectation”? What if you could change irritating behaviors so that your relationship with your animal works better… for both you and your animal?  

12 Part Comprehensive Series for Living Happily With Animals

  • Do you worry when your animal is sick or injured?
  • Do you feel irritated when your animal does that darn “thing” over and over?
  • Are you overcome with sadness when your animal is sad, hurting...or dying?

You can easily change these struggles.

If you are willing and ready to learn some tools that shift the underlying causes of these struggles, this program is for you.
  • These tools are fun!
  • They’re easy.
  • And they’re very different.

Talk to The Animals Specialty Program: 12 Part Comprehensive Series for Living With Happy Animals