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Replay February 2020

Is climate change real? What do you know?

If you acknowledge that you know and you neither have to fight for the rightness of your point of view nor have a point of view, what would you choose today? Are there any actions you would take? Is there an energy you would be?

For me, the situation on the planet is very palpable, and the Earth is calling out. The interesting thing about this is that Earth is not calling out to be saved or from a point of view, it is more the energy of awareness. I.E., is this really what you would like to choose?

So my question is, what would you like to choose now? And what can you be and do to create that? And is there something we can be together that creates a difference? What if all of us combined has yet another effect? What can we create?

You will receive the zoom video recording, audio recording, and Mp3 & written clearings.