Family: The holy cow


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Traditionally family is untouchable. We have to love them or leave them. And of course, they love us unconditionally, or do they? What is your first reaction when you think about a large family gathering, and how do you usually feel right after? If you are one of the lucky people loved by and loving your family, lucky you! Most of us seem to have one or the other family member that we would rather avoid seeing.
What else is possible when it comes to family? I wonder what we can create together if we no longer are restricted by our families’ confinement? What are the expectations your family has of you? And have you been able to fulfill them? What are the projections your family has on you, and have you been living by that?
What can animals teach us about family? How do they live together in this bond that we call family? Is it a limitation for them, or is it a contribution to them?
In Germany, they have these billboards where they suggest you should be proud of your son or your daughter when they choose something outside of your expectations. It is very interesting that a billboard is required for people to recognize that they should not limit their children by their desires, but recognize the children to create their own future!
So indeed, what is possible beyond the construct of family?

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