Fight, Flight or Choice?


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May 2020

Right now, we are dealing with fear, we are being told what to do, and we are losing some constitutional rights. In times like these, do you hide at home, go out to fight, opt to ignore it all, or live in doubt?

In nature, there are three options as per our understanding: Fight, flight, or play dead. Are you limited to these three, and is that truly how nature functions? Or have we been defining it, so that we can calculate and understand it? Are there other options available? Are there choices that go beyond the reaction to the things surrounding you?

Let us explore what different ways of being we can choose at this time and what we can be to create beyond this realities’ point of view. Let’s not be the effect of current affairs, what consciousness can you be that allows you to choose every 10 seconds without getting stuck in fear and doubt?

You will receive the zoom video recording, audio recording, and Mp3 & written clearings.