Is Hindsight 2020?


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January 21st, 2020 8pm MST

Are you willing to perceive the past, present, and future?

Do you think you have to know and use the past to create the appropriate future, or what other choices do we have available?

January is named after the Roman god of doors, Janus because this month is the door to the year. Janus represents all beginnings and possesses the ability to see all things past and future. He has two heads, one facing to the past the other to the future, and so January represents the month of recluse and emerge simultaneously. A lot of people will have an awareness of these mythological perceptions that also are conclusions and rules. What if you could perceive what is true for you? What would you like to create this year and beyond?

Let us change what we have decided this part of the year means to us and let us explore what is truly available for the creation of a future that works.

And if you would like some inspiration for possible future, please watch this film.

You will receive the zoom video recording, audio recording, and Mp3 & written clearings.