Money Clarity Nights Clearing Loop 2022


***This is in ENGLISH. Find the German version here - Finde die deutsche Version dieser Klasse hier

Special Offer! Anyone who purchased or purchases the Clarity Nights Bundle of 14 Telecalls will receive a generous 50% discount on this Money Clearing Loop. How does it get any better than that?

The Best Clearings from the Money Clarity Calls
This mega Money Clearing Loop is based on the recent phenomenal series of money clarity telecalls. Suzy has picked the juiciest clearings from 14 telecalls diving into a whole range of topics. From family limitations and money curses, to taxation, transactional realities, wealth, and the willingness to be a demanding bitch with money.

The more you play this loop, the deeper it goes. And trust me, we’ve been using money for a long, long time. We’ve had lifetimes when we were super rich and lifetimes of poverty and penury. All the decisions, judgments, conclusions, and insane points of view from those lifetimes are affecting the money that’s showing up or not showing up for you today.

What if it’s possible to have ease and joy with the energy of money? So take this golden opportunity to get free from financial limitations.

What people are saying about the Clarity Nights
This whole series of clarity nights has been absolutely brilliant, the way it’s peeled away at little things just a little bit at a time.
If it had been a two-day class, one of the things I’ve realised for me is I don’t always get the best out of concentrated stuff. But where things are stretched out over time like this, for me, it gives me that processing time in between and the playing time. It’s been really valuable for me. I’ve really loved it. Thank you. ~MW