Money Magic April 2024


May 2024 Nature Talks Replays
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Are you ready and willing to create a wealthier future? This Money Magic bundle connects you with the generative energies of wealth and profitability. Wealth includes money and so much more! Wealth is a reality that you get to choose.

Using the dynamic clearings and tools of Access Consciousness, learn how to:

  • Create profit in your life that is beyond the imagination,
  • Overcome limitations with money,
  • Break free from financial stress, plus
  • The generosity and power of gifting exercise

These 3x60 minute telecalls (plus energy exercise) help to erase old financial patterns and clear any areas where you have been limiting the money you can receive. Isn’t it time you treated yourself to a more abundant life? Are you willing to be a reality that is considered wealthy?

You will receive the video & audio recordings for all 4 calls:
- 1 call with the topic chosen by Suzy
- 1 energy pull per month (15 minutes)
- 1 Clarity Event per month (one hour call)
- 1 call with that is open topic

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