Do you receive from animals? April 2024


A Talk To The Animals Specialty Class Replay
(*This class was in German and translated into English & Spanish)

How can animals contribute to your creations?

As animal lovers, we often see ourselves in the role of a parent. We gladly give to our beloved animals in return for cuddles, companionship, maybe protection (from a dog) but not much else.

Animals are conscious beings ― they are capable of gifting so much more. Most likely they are already contributing to your business without being noticed or acknowledged. What if you did?

This Talk to the Animals specialty class is for everyone. Even beginners can pick up these animal communication techniques easily. In this class you will:

  • Gain a fresh perspective of animals as conscious beings
  • Practice communicating with animals in real time
  • Ask questions about your animals and creations
  • Be empowered and uncover your true abilities.

What would happen if you received from animals without limitation?

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