Receiving the Wealth of Life June 2024


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Translation: Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin

Receiving the Wealth of Life
A 14 day adventure with Suzy Godsey
8-21 June 2024

What beauty and gift of possibilities could life be if you were open to receiving it all? Would you be happier, healthier and wealthier?

Wealth can include a smorgasbord of energies: money, treasure, travel, friendships, animals, success plus massive servings of joy and happiness. We are all different, so the question is:
Are you choosing your wealthy life or someone else’s?

On this 14-day adventure let us turn the concept of wealth into reality using the tools of Access Consciousness.

With daily inspiration, potent tips, tools and exercises, you will be enthused and inspired to choose from a new space.
Here is what you receive on signing up:

  • Fun 15-30 telecalls with Suzy for 14 days
  • Dynamic tools to clear hidden limitations
  • Explore and uncover the energetics of receiving
  • Interact with like-minded people who desire to create a greater life on earth.

The door to creating magic and miracles is wide open. Every choice you make is already creating your future, either consciously or by default.
What wealth of life and living do YOU truly desire?
What could you choose that you haven’t chosen before?

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